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Donovan tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including mellow yellow, hurdy gurdy man, jennifer juniper, happiness runs, isle of islay

Rousing and rhythmical Irish flavour track featuring folk drums, whistle, pipes, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, banjo, accordian, acoustic bass and other instruments. Cheeky and fun, great for Irish or Folk dance/party scenes, and St Patrick's Day celebrations.
  • Hurdy-gurdy maestro Nigel Eaton’s haunting evocation of this ancient European wader, a frequenter of marshes and estuaries. A 3/8 bourée, he wonders…? Sounds good to me. Nigel Eaton (hurdy-gurdy) Played on a hurdy-gurdy made by his father, Chris Eaton.
  • Hurdy Gurdy were a guitar/bass/drums trio from Denmark who released one album in 1971. The guitar player was the excellent Claus Bohling before he went on to Burnin' Red Ivanhoe and the excellent Secret Oyster.
  • Oct 13, 2012 · The viellistes of the Parisian streets and the vaudeville theaters were so popular that even wealthy aristocrats were known to take hurdy-gurdy lessons from some of the more capable musicians. During the reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV, two hurdy-gurdy virtuosi, Janot and La Roze, even held positions in the orchestra of the popular composer ...

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    Jul 18, 2017 · Hurdy Gurdy Man was written by Donovan and released as part of his 1968 album The Hurdy Gurdy Man as well as a single that year. Prior to writing the song Donovan participated in the famous trip the Beatles took to India in 1968 to study under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

    Caladrius (excerpt) by Steve Tyler hurdy gurdy ... Katy Marchant), hurdy gurdies, reed organ, bass guitar. Comment by Skutaj. Great sound. I love the shawm and hurdy.

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    David Eugene Edwards - lead vocals, guitar, banjo, Chemnitzer concertina, hurdy-gurdy, lap steel, bandoneon; Jean-Yves Tola - drums, vocals; Pascal Humbert - bass, upright bass, acoustic guitar, vocals; Daniel McMahon - organ (2002) John Rumly - guitar, bass, banjo (2002) Folklore (2002)

    Bass Flies > Krueger's Hurdy Gurdy (3 pack) Krueger's Hurdy Gurdy (3 pack) SKU: $21.00. $21.00. Unavailable per item I absolutely love how this thing kicks and slides ...

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    Hurdy-gurdy, squat, pear-shaped fiddle having strings that are sounded not by a bow but by the rosined rim of a wooden wheel turned by a handle at the instrument’s end. Notes are made on the one or two melody strings by stopping them with short wooden keys pressed by the left-hand fingers. Up to

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    This Hurdy-Gurdy is simple to build, and is very robust yet it possesses a pleasant sound. This is one of the first musical instruments I made. All it has ever had for strings were made from monofilament nylon fishing line or second hand nylon harp strings.

    F C Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, G hurdy gurdy gurdy he sang.(x3) [Verse] G Bm C D7 Histories of ages past, unenlightened shadows cast, G Bm C D7 down through all eternity, the crying of hu..manity. [Chorus] F C Tis then when the hurdy gurdy man G comes singing songs of love. F C Then when the hurdy gurdy man G comes singing songs of love.

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    Hurdy gurdy mushroom man, has locked me in a frying pan and all the fishes swim away and say don't hassle us today and will my aunty come for tea? and people keep on hassling me and try to keep on ...

    Vocals, Bass, Mouth harp, Effects (2002-2004) See also: ex-Lost Chapter: Dide Marfurt: Bagpipes, Hurdy gurdy, Bouzouki, Bodhrán (2003-2004) Beni Häfeli: Drums (2003-2004) Meri Tadić: Fiddle, Vocals (female) (2003-2013) See also: godnr.universe!, Irij, ex-Mynedarion, ex-Branâ Keternâ, ex-Divina Commedia : Sevan Kirder

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    Hurdy gurdy made by CAILHE DECANTE in Charroux, Allier (France) in 1893 . The lute body of nine alternately brown and red varnished maple ribs decorated with geometrical design. The fir table decorated with geometrical red design and inlaid around the edge with bone and ebony 'pistagnes' and stained wood segments marquetry.

    The hurdy-gurdy can be regarded as interchangeable with bagpipes. It probably originated from fiddles in either Europe or the Middle East some time before the second millennium. During the Renaissance , the hurdy-gurdy was a very popular instrument with a buzzing bridge (the ‘dog’) an asymmetrical bridge that rests under a drone string on ...

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    The wheel diameter of the Hungarian hurdy-gurdies is 14 cm, the wheel-base of their crank is 5 cm, but you can also ask for a French type wheel (18 cm) and crank (8 cm). Any type can be made with bass tuning (an octave lower), or in electronic version (active or passive electronics).

    Hurdy Gurdy Sympathetic Strings. 'Sympathetic' strings on a Hurdy Gurdy are metal strings that run parallel to the other strings, but don't actually touch the wheel. The only time they make any sound is when another string plays the same note that they are tuned to.

Hurdy-gurdy maestro Nigel Eaton’s haunting evocation of this ancient European wader, a frequenter of marshes and estuaries. A 3/8 bourée, he wonders…? Sounds good to me. Nigel Eaton (hurdy-gurdy) Played on a hurdy-gurdy made by his father, Chris Eaton.
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What is it? A hurdy-gurdy is a type of string instrument which uses a turning wheel instead of a bow to vibrate a set of strings. The player turns the wheel using a crank on the side of the instrument. With the other hand, the player pushes keys to play different notes. Hurdy-gurdies make a unique sound due in part to the 'drone strings'.
I actually saw Page and Plant on the tour with the hurdy gurdy, the bass player from the Cure on banjo and the Egyptian band- not a bad show and a decent interpretation if you don’t mind their material. Probably a barrel of monkeys to play one. #