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  • Salesforce lightning doesn't have the option anymore to opt in IE until 31/12/2020 as they have announced. So PBI and SF are not connecting anymore and Microsoft should remove the option from data sources. Message 5 of 13 6,086 Views
Aug 07, 2019 · Corteza is an open source, self-hosted digital work platform for growing an organization's productivity, enabling its relationships, and protecting its work and the privacy of those involved. The project was developed entirely in the public domain by Crust Technology. It has four core features: customer relationship management, a low-code development platform, messaging, and a unified workspace.

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  • When I place my component in browser, it fails at handshake method with an error. VM57302:161 Refused to connect to 'wss://' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self' * ".
  • Jun 28, 2018 · You have to assign the connected app to the syncing profiles you uncovered in Step 1. Go to: Setup → Apps → Connected Apps → Manage Connected Apps → b2bma_canvas Scroll to the ‘Profiles’ section, click ‘Manage Profiles’ You can tick all your syncing profiles on the ‘Application Profile Assignment’ page.

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    When clicking on Dynamo link/button in Salesforce, user sees the error Salesforce ( or refused to connect' page or a blank page instead of the template list or the directed template.

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    This part of Salesforce platform is focused on providing support and help to the customers. This helps in retaining the customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Its uniqueness lies in providing faster service compared to traditional methods, giving individual attention to each customer needs and taking a proactive approach to ...

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    Salesforce Chrome Extension refused to connect Hello, We already tried reinstalling, clearing cache, login and out but we are still having issues logging in to Salesforce's Chrome Extension.

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    Aug 16, 2020 · I have Installed Zoom App for Salesforce and Configured as per the Instrutions. When I click on “Start Zoom Meeting” from Contact details page, it takes to Sign-In page. Once click on Sign-In to Start button it gives " refused to connect."

    When I place my component in browser, it fails at handshake method with an error. VM57302:161 Refused to connect to 'wss://' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'self' * ".

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    Exactly the same problem here, also getting a mix of successful connects (which then work for hours), 'connection refused' and 'software caused connection abort' after the login or password entry. To provide some additional details: in my case it's a 64-bit virtual machine (running Ubuntu Server 10.10) on a Microsoft Hyper-V host, using the ...

    Jun 28, 2017 · The process starts with enabling Files connect for the Salesforce instance with a result that culminates accessing Google Drive in Salesforce. It is easy to establish and configure the connection. Step 1: Enabling Salesforce Files Connect. Go to Build->Customize->Salesforce Files->Settings->Files Connect. Or if you are lazy like me, you can ...

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    Connect to your Salesforce organization with an administrator account. In Setup , go to Administer > Security Controls > Session Settings . Under Clickjack Protection , deselect Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with standard headers .

    Salesforce Lightning Connect has a certain price tag per URL connection. If you then are using Informatica there is a price tag per month there as well. Although this may seem pricey, think about the Integration, Migration, Synchronization time and effort that you save in utilizing Salesforce Lightning Connect.

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    For a detailed walk-through and setup of the full CTI Adapter capabilities for Salesforce Lightning, see the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter v5.7 for Salesforce Lightning installation guide. For the CTI Adapter for Salesforce Classic, see the Amazon Connect CTI Adapter v5.7 for Salesforce Classic installation guide .

    Using this integration, you can simply map fields such as Name, Email Address, Phone, etc. from your Office 365 to Salesforce. With this template, every new contact on your Office 365 will be added automatically as a new lead in your Salesforce. Just connect your Office 365 and Salesforce accounts in, turn this Bot on and you are done!

If the app that we would like to connect to Salesforce does not have an open API, is it possible to still have an integration? How can we display Images stored in Documents object on VF page in Salesforce? I have a custom application in Salesforce classic. Will I need to build a component from scratch to move it to Lightning?
You have to send an email to your Account Manager, then they enabled Salesforce Merge fields for the Account. After they enable it, reset your login configuration settings. This will cache the change.
Heroku Connect automatically synchronizes data between Heroku and your other Salesforce services, including the Lightning Platform. With Heroku Connect, your productivity apps built on Lightning can use services built on Heroku to deliver elasticity, data consolidation, and complex custom app architectures.
Jan 26, 2018 · The PriceBookID (like all Salesforce record ID's) is listed in the URL for the page. Example: If you navigate to any record in Salesforce, you will see the URL at the top of your web browser. Included in the URL is a group of numbers/letters that make up the record ID. Below the record ID is 01s35000200Bgkg which identifies a specific item.